Another reason John chose Rarible to market his NFT creations was their stringent verification process. Anyone whippersnapper can create a NFT and put it up for bids or sale on Rarible, but only the “Verified” artists can get the coveted yellow check-mark indicating they’ve been “vetted” by the Rarible team.

To be verified, one must submit :

  • Cover Image
  • Profile picture
  • Full Bio (not required but will increase your chances of getting verified)
  • Links to your social media accounts (may increase your chances of getting verified)
  • Finally, you must have at least one item minted on Rarible

In our own case, the process took some time (since they receive about 1000 verification requests per day) with each one reviewed by an actual human. The Rarible Verification team even asked me to provide a “work in progress” so they could visualize the processes I use to create my unique images. Once they were satisfied I was an actual artist/creator, the check mark was added to my profile. So what does the check mark do, exactly ?

Verification provides a lot of extra visibility on the marketplace, as currently, non-verified items do not appear in search results or the explore feed. Similarly, unverified collectors/creators do not appear in our leaderboards.” (source – Rarible website) In other words, it helps buyers connect with reputable artists. If you’re not verified, you are basically invisible in the marketplace.

With that in mind, I will also be posting my NFT art on the OpenSea website (link) – like fishing in two ponds instead of one. I hope you’ll spend a few moments of your precious time to check out my art.

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