The Process

I’ve been asked how I produce the cool images that make up my “Deep Dream Project” and other NFTs. The answer is a bit complex, but I’ll do my best to explain it in layman’s terms.

While researching the subject of artificial intelligence, I stumbled across and was intrigued by the Deep Dream software. I could take an ordinary digital image of just about anything and transform it into something completely different, bursting with psychedelic colors and weird-looking artifacts that seem to take on new life every time you look at them. For example, an ordinary spider lurking inside a trillium bloom… look closely, examine the details – every part of the image is transformed into something almost inexplicable.

By tweaking the settings of the software, I can remake an image into something completely wild and different, or just change up the colors to make it appear more like a watercolor painting. The possibilities are limited only by my imagination. The NFT art shown below was, at one time, an actual digital photo of a bull elephant in the wild from my archives – an effect that is much more subtle than the spider shown above.

This is what separates my art from the millions of others for sale on the Internet. I call it the “Deep Dream Project”, and the description of almost every image contains the phrase “Look closely, dream deep.” The longer you study an image, the more you will see.

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