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Air Force Veteran Debuts Art On FAA

October 25th, 2019

Air Force Veteran Debuts Art On FAA

After a distinguished career in law enforcement, Air Force veteran John Bates has realized a dream conceived in the mid-1970's when he first studied wildlife photography at Texas A&M University - to have his own gallery that showcases his creative works. Two things have contributed to this culmination of decades of work - being an "empty nester" and the advent of the Internet. Never one to shy from technology, Mr. Bates embraced digital photography from its infancy and is now a sought-after digital imagery specialist, even as he scours the countryside for compelling images. His commercial works include such prestigious events as the Dayton Air Show (OH), the annual Woodward Dream Cruise (MI), and the Gauley River Race (WV). In 2005, John was one of a handful of photojournalists chosen to document the Iraq free elections in Michigan, and his illustrated articles have appeared in magazines nationwide.

"I'm so grateful for the opportunity for others to view my photographic art...