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John Bates first studied film photography at East Texas State University in the mid-70s, then went on to a successful career in law enforcement as a bomb dog handler in the Air Force. Married to his bride of forty years, John also spent twenty years with the Michigan State Police before retiring to Florida in 2014. Through it all, he never lost his passion for creating images. Due North Gallery was spawned from this passion for compelling digital photos.

An early adopter of digital imagery, Due North Gallery has produced thousands of photos for both commercial clients and world-class events. His illustrated articles have appeared in Nature Photographer magazine, SuperModels Unlimited, Trooper magazine, and others. He has acted as the official photographer for such world-class events as the Dayton Air Show, the Annual Woodward Dream cruise, the Gauley River Race (aka “The Animal”), and even the Electoral Commission of Iraq.

As the creative genius behind Due North Gallery, John learned to embrace new technologies from his elderly dad – an advanced computer programmer and lifelong learner. Like his dad, many of his skills are self-taught. With the advent of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies, John decided to take Due North Gallery in a new direction… pardon the pun.

Feel free to wander around the site, or contact John directly. Most inquiries are answered within one business day.

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