New Look, New Adventures

Hope you are enjoying the new look at Due North Gallery! After years of having his digital images “borrowed” (stolen) from internet galleries, John decided to challenge his creative juices by embracing new technology and techniques to create NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for sale in the emerging market of crypto art. If you are still confused by the world of cryptocurrencies you may wish to read the section titled “Crypto 101” on this site.

While it is theoretically possible to “borrow” a screenshot of John’s artwork for personal use without compensating the artist, John likens the new world of NFTs to the early days of Apple and various antivirus vendors… the people that are talented enough to steal his works don’t really have the heart to do it – they just aren’t wired that way. Anyway, John enjoys learning about emerging technologies and saw an opportunity to launch a unique venture. With that, a new and improved Due North Gallery was hatched and is off to a great start.

There is a bit more work to do on this site, but we are happy to have you on this cool journey into the world of art enhanced with artificial intelligence. You’ll see this descriptive phrase often with his art for sale – “Look Closely, Dream Deep“. Till next time….


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